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Covenant Supported GO! Ministries Around the World

African Havens

African Havens is the name given to the several children’s homes in Roodeport, South Africa, operated by David and Caroline Webb. They provide a long-term home, a loving environment, and are the hands of Christ to these children. Children continue to be adopted from these homes. Your Faith Promise Pledge to Missions allows Covenant Church to provide financial support to Child Haven which consists of three 3 bedroom homes with house mothers and volunteers.

Big Life

John Hereema, Executive Director | | | 855-244-5433

Biglife began in 1999, initially working in Iran using a baseball platform. Today, Biglife is working in over 30 countries using simple, biblical discipleship practices that empower believers to reach their own people for Christ. Over 250,000 disciples meet weekly in 20,000+ Groups, as this movement continues to grow.

Please pray for the 21,000+ new disciples of Jesus Christ so far in 2016 - Praise the Lord! Pray that each of these new disciples immediately obeys by sharing their story of coming to faith in Jesus, and God’s story, with everyone they know.

Care for Aids

CARE for AIDS has created an innovative model of care that engages local leaders, churches, and communities in caring for families affected by HIV/AIDS embracing in a holistic model of care that addresses complex needs— body + soul. Care for Aids works to break the tragic cycle of AIDS and prevent the creation of orphans whenever possible through facilitating transformation in five key areas: economic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual.


CLUB1040 provides free missionary services to dozens of (short-term and long-term) missionaries. CLUB1040, under the leadership of Matt and Julie Beemer, have printed and distributed tens of thousands of life giving books to Africa and the Middle East; and provided thousands of digital bibles in local dialects in the Middle East. By training leaders who go forth with a pioneering spirit Club 1040 is raising up a new breed of believers that demonstrate extravagant love, a ‘spirit of faith’, and the power of God while pursuing the lost hearts of the least-reached regions of Africa and beyond.

Dayspring International

Dayspring International Good Shepherd Dayspring Ministries is a transforming church movement with more than 4,000 churches and tens of thousands of House Fellowship Groups one of the most populated nations in the world, ministering specifically to one of the most disenfranchised people groups, through church-based English medium education, healthcare, economic development and anti-human trafficking initiatives.; 757-428-1092

El Shaddai of Grace in Haiti

Sanvil Dorsainvil pastors El Shaddai of Grace. The church meets on our campus and ministers to the Haitian population in our community.

El Shaddai of Grace in Haiti., Inc., a Florida non-profit corporation ministers to the villagers of Marmont-Paul in the name of Jesus Christ. M-P is the village from which hails Pastor Sainvil. It is in the mountains of northern Haiti. The people of the village are very poor and totally under-resourced, with no village government or utilities, including electricity. ESGH works with the existing reformed church, it’s pastor and school staff. The initial project was to get the 9 teachers a basic stipend as they seek to teach 500 K – 6-grade students. Teacher advancement both professionally and spiritually is a priority.

ESGH is working toward providing a school building using vocational students and community leaders with outside funding. Visitors are accommodated in the guest house built by Pastor Sainvil. Pastor Sainvil is key because he knows the people and the culture.

El Shaddai of Grace in Haiti; 612 Ridge Drive, Naples, Florida 34108

Email: (239) 248-7599

ECHO Farms

ECHO is a global, non-profit, Christian organization based in North Fort Myers, FL. ECHO’s mission is to follow Jesus by reducing hunger and improving lives worldwide through partnerships that equip people with agricultural resources and skills. This mission is fulfilled by offering seeds, technical information, and training that empower small-scale farmers to improve their agricultural productivity and nutrition. ECHO has

ECHO has regional impact centers in Tanzania, East Africa, Burkina Faso, West Africa, and Thailand, Southeast Asia which are strategically located to have the most impact. ECHO also hosts a Latin America and Caribbean team at their headquarters in Florida. ECHO provides hands-on workshops and research, and promotes techniques that are sustainable and financially feasible for impoverished farmers. Resources are also accessed by ECHO’s global “community of practice” which includes over11,500 missionaries and community development workers serving alongside small-scale farmers. 

Echo Farms, 17391 Durrance Road, North Fort Myers, FL 33917 • Email:; (239) 543-3246

Grace Center Foundation

Grace Center Foundation is a holistic program in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia that serves the poor, mostly women and children, and brings them the message of Christ while helping them to become self-sufficient. Services include day care, temporary care, children’s home, school sponsorship/tutoring, feeding program, medical clinic, prison program for children who are growing in prison with their incarcerated mothers, and full-time prayer and ministry program. In 2016, Grace Center started its own kindergarten and also added more foster homes, and facilitated adoptions for Ethiopian families. What began in 2006 when Covenant member, Marcie Erickson, adopted three of her now eight children, has grown to a program that serves 2600 women and children in Ethiopia.

Email:; (239) 465.6435

Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) | Papau, New Guinea

Sharlene (Burkett) and Brian Coker serve with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Papua, New Guinea. They share the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed by bringing desperately needed aid and assistance to people in remote places. In 2010 the team flew just over 7,300 hours which included supporting 5,200 church workers, 5,700 health and education workers, as well as 500 medevacs. To complete this vital work they operate and maintain 14 aircraft.

Mission India

Mission India assists Indian Christians in planting reproducing churches in a systematic, measurable way. One of their successful methods is through Adult Literacy classes providing illiterates with vital skills to change their lives for the better, and introducing many to the Gospel for the first time. We support one individual Church Planter and a Literacy Project.

Missionary Ventures International (MVI)

Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard are serving in Managua, Nicaragua with Missionary Ventures International. They partner with The Nehemia Center, House of Hope, andNicaragua Christian AcademyThe Nehemiah Centertrains lay and pastoral leaders in an integral, biblical worldview and encourages local, national and international collaboration for a Christ-centered, transformational development of communities and nations. The House of Hope is a vocational center for women who are or have been in prostitution to provide them with a means to make a living and establish them in the Lord. Nicaragua Christian Academy is a Christian school located just outside Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. providing children with an education firmly rooted in God's truth and in academic excellence.

Mission to the World (PCA)

Dan and Carol Iverson serve in Tokyo/Chiba, Japan with Mission to the World (PCA). Dan is a church planting pastor, mission team leader, and the Mission To The World (MTW) Japan Director. Since the 3/11/11 tsunami and nuclear plant disaster, their team and Oyumino Church gave birth to the “Grace Mission Tohoku” relief organization which continues to serve in the disaster area. And, the new Grace City Church Tokyo has grown rapidly in numbers, offerings, and depth over the last 1-2 years.

New Harvest International | West Africa

Pastor Abou Camara serves with New Harvest Ministries International in Gambia, West Africa. New Harvest Ministries International desires to empower and strengthen West Africa church planting efforts through relationships with African national leaders in evangelism, church planting and leadership training. Pastor Camara is one of those leaders seeking to establish a generation of true disciples and worshipers in Gambia. Most of the population is Muslim, while the majority of the remaining population has merely a belief in the traditions of Christianity without a true saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Overseas Council International

Manfred Kohl is a Special Ambassador with Overseas Council. He preaches and teaches at seminaries all over the world with the purpose of training national pastors to plant churches. He and his wife, Dr. Barbara Kohl, are focusing most of their time in China this year to support church pastors and develop online theological training classes. Overseas Council partners with seminaries, Bible institutes, and other strategic ministries equip biblical leaders to be effective pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries and Christian leaders in their own countries. Covenant supports scholarship assistance making a profound difference—one life at a time—for ministry training around the world.

Place of Hope in Haiti

Place of Hope, was founded in 2000 by Andre and Angie Forges, Place of Hope in Haiti is more than an orphanage; it’s a place where children are loved, nurtured, and encouraged. Currently, 45 children are provided housing, education and spiritual growth. God is glorified through the promotion of Christian worship and the care of the children in Les Cay, Haiti. The campus continues to be developed including dormitory improvements, completion of a church, medical center, school and a vocational training facility.

Reach Out Orphanage | Honduras

Reach Out Orphanage Inc. (Proyecto Alcance) is a faith-based organization, focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus and love of God through serving the underserved and forgotten of Honduras. Proyecto Alcance employs and supports many Hondurans, and provides an excellent location for foreigns to come and volunteer their time and skills.

Remember Nhu

Pastor Boonchu Pongdamrongsap (pictured with his wife, Seapawn, and son, Spy) began serving the church of the Karen hill tribe people in 2007. He is responsible for evangelizing, discipling, training, and shepherding individuals and church leaders in about 500 villages around northwest Thailand and eastern Myanmar. Pastor Boonchu serves alongside his wife SeePawn, his son Spy, and his daughter Melona.

Boonchu works in an area that includes the Thai provinces along the Myanmar boarder from the boarder of Laos in the north to nearly Bangkok in the south. These provinces include Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Tak, and Kanchanaburi. He also works in Myanmar in an area next to these Thai provinces.)

In 2016, Pastor Boonchu traveled to about 250 different villages and helped local churches by preaching, teaching, organizing training conferences, counseling, evangelizing, and protecting believers against false teachers.

ScholarLeaders International

ScholarLeaders International is focused on developing Servant Leaders for the majority world church by identifying and investing in the advanced theological education of gifted Christian leaders from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. People of all nations will hear and learn to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ—from their own leaders, in their own language, expressed in culturally relevant and dynamic ways.

Share International

Share International (SI) exists to share the Gospel and their very lives among the unreached in Sub-Saharan East Africa through training and sending missionary nationals to establish self-multiplying churches that minister to the whole person.  Covenant supports three missionaries/church planters minister among the unreached Turkana people of Kenya.

Our Vision
A loving family, dependent on the Holy Spirit, committed to the Word, growing in grace, reaching out in mercy.

Our Mission
We will develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world.

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