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                                       Sunday Worship @ 9 & 11 AM


Adult Communities [Sunday]

Adult  Community [Adult Sunday School]

11:00 AM Sunday Morning Adult Studies

If  you are a visitor, newcomer or regular attendee at Covenant, 

AFC’s  are  a  great  place to  build  meaningful relationships and community, while serving those who are newer to the church.

Feel free to try out several AFC’s to find the right fit for you. 


Classes open to all! Visitors welcome! All classes meet in Fellowship Hall. Check the sign in the main Fellowship Hall for specific rooms.


11:00 AM - 12:15 AM Classes 

The Imitation of Christ
Teacher: Reverend Tom Comella
Jesus said: “Follow me.” What and how does one follow Jesus in these postmodern times? What are the ways of growing, and maturing spiritually into “The mind of Christ”? Bring your Bible.


Gospel Community
Teacher: Pastor Todd Augustine
This ongoing community, designed for young couples, families, and singles, will study through the book of Philippians with a particular emphasis on how it relates to life-on-life community. There is ample opportunity for discussion, interaction and application of the gospel to all of life.


Walk Through the Bible 
Teacher: Elder Jim Noboa
The study of the Gospel of Matthew is about the King and His Kingdom. It is perhaps the most influential book in the New Testament. Matthew presents the story of Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, miracles, fulfilled prophecies, death, and resurrection. Matthew is also a teaching Gospel containing more of Jesus’ teachings than any other Gospel. 


Hebrews: Blessed Assurance Through Jesus Our Supreme Mediator & Lord 
Teachers: Elders Mark Barineau & Rick Barone
The main themes will be Christ's supremacy as creator, prophet, priest, and king. He is the mediator of a new and better covenant because he alone atoned for our sins once by his blood. Our assurance stems from his perfect life, death, and resurrection but also from his ongoing role as intercessor between God and his people. 
The Miracles of Jesus (for women)
Teacher: Mary Ann Lee 
This class will examine the miracles of Jesus in light of the miracle performed, the reaction of the recipient, the response of the crowd and the message for us to apply in our lives. Join us as we investigate the Son of God as a worker of miracles.

Our Vision
A loving family, dependent on the Holy Spirit, committed to the Word, growing in grace, reaching out in mercy.

Our Mission
We will develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world.

A member of the Presbyterian Church In America

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