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GO Far


GO | FAR \\ Global Mission Partners

Empowering believers worldwide to bring the good news home.
Care for Aids
Breaking the tragic cycle of this disease and preventing the creation of orphans.
Club 1040 (Sowers Club)
Making Jesus known in every nation where He’s not named to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
ECHO Farms
Reducing hunger and improving lives worldwide through partnerships that equip people with agricultural resources and skills.
El Shaddai of Grace in Haiti
Working with the existing reformed church as they seek to reach and teach the 500 K-6th grade students of Marmont-Paul, Haiti. Pastor Sainvil
Good Shepherd Scooter Teams | India
Distributes the "Dayasagar" Jesus film and organizes evangelical scooter teams throughout India.
Grace Center Foundation | Ethiopia
Serving women and children to bring them the message of Christ while helping them to become self-sufficient.
International Cooperating Ministries

We build churches & train disciples by partnering with indigenous ministries around the world. 

Mission India
Transforming communities in India by planting churches through these three proven strategies.
Missionary Ventures International Eric Loftsgard, Nicaragua
Training lay and pastoral leaders in a biblical worldview and encouraging collaboration for Christ-centered, transformational communities.
Pastor Boon Chu | Thailand
Evangelizing, discipling, training, and shepherding in about 500 villages around northwest Thailand and eastern Myanmar.
Place of Hope in Haiti
Providing the basic resources and training to children in Haiti, enabling them to develop to their highest potential.
ScholarLeaders International
Developing Servant Leaders for the majority world church by identifying and investing in the advanced theological education of gifted Christian leaders from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.
Share International | Africa
Training and sending missionary nationals to establish self-multiplying churches that minister to the whole person.
The Timothy Initiative
Advancing Christ's Kingdom by multiplying disciples and disciple-making churches around the world.

Our Vision
A loving family, dependent on the Holy Spirit, committed to the Word, growing in grace, reaching out in mercy.

Our Mission
We will develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world.

A member of the Presbyterian Church In America

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