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                                  Worship Sundays @ 9 & 11 AM


Midweek Connection

 Midweek Connection | Jan 9 - April 10


5:15 PM - 6:30 PM   Family Style Dinner | Fellowship Hall

3 Ways to Register for Dinner
2) Scan the QR code in the Covenant Monthly
3) Stop by the Event Center & scan the code or ask a volunteer for assistance
Meal registration deadline is noon on the Monday before attending.
No fee required for dinner,
but we would appreciate your consideration of a donation of $5 per adult, $3 per child (over 3),
but no more than $20 per family. Donations may be made at the door or through your online registration.

**For those with food allergies, call the church office to check the weekly menu, 239-597-3464.

Discipleship for Adults, Students, and Children

6 PM - 7:45 PM | Children | Nursery to 5th Grade
Drop off 3 yrs to 5th Grade on Playground from 6 - 6:15 PM
Pick up: Preschool [FH115] | Elementary [FH230]
6 PM - 8 PM Students | MERGE Middle School & High School | In the BLINK 
6:30 PM - 7:45 PM Adult Classes (various classrooms)

Adult Classes

The Art of Spiritual Conversation
Room: FH 222     Leader: Pastor Todd Augustine
Have you ever wondered if it possible to engage in open and honest spiritual conversations without feeling awkward?  Or how to move a conversation to spiritual things in a natural way?  Or how to share the gospel with someone when you only have a few minutes? This class will help to equip you for these very things as we look to Jesus as a model for naturally interacting with people about ultimate matters.  You will GROW in your ability to tell others about the good news of the gospel and proclaim the hope of Christ to a needy world. 


The 12 Dimensions of Prayer
 Fellowship Hall    Leader: Pastor Bob Palmer
Prayer lies at the root of our walk with God. It is a “…slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence.” As in every activity of the believer’s life, our Savior is God’s final word…God’s perfect word. It is, therefore, His pre-eminent message and ministry that will be the focus of our first four studies. Lessons five to twelve will center on a number of God’s Old Testament servants. The scope of their communion with God is one that should make a dramatic difference in our 21st Century pilgrimage.
Covenant Women’s Bible Study 
Room: FH 212  Leader: Sharon Poole
The Gospel According to Mark is an action-oriented telling of the ministry of Jesus. Mark sets out the case for Jesus as the Christ, the long-awaited Messiah, and the Son of God who ushers in the Kingdom of God. Ladies, come join us as we explore the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Theological Training for Leaders
Room: FH 220     Leader: Pastor Trent Casto

Leadership in the church of Jesus Christ is not to be taken lightly. Spiritual, emotional, and relational maturity are all necessary requirements. But in addition to these, teaching or leading God’s people requires that leaders also possess an increasing measure of theological maturity. This class is designed to meet that need.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will examine some of the foundational doctrines of our faith as written in the Bible and in our confessional standard, The Westminster Confession of Faith. In addition to this, we will discuss how we understand and teach these truths at Covenant Church. Followers of Christ who invest in this course will come away with a deeper understanding of Scripture, a greater ability to explain our core doctrines, and hopefully with a more theologically robust passion for Christ and his church. The course is open to men and women who currently teach or serve in a leadership capacity or who aspire to do so. There is a $35 fee for the class associated with the required books and materials. Additionally, participants are expected to spend approximately four hours each week outside of class time in preparation for class discussions. Westminister Confession of Faith, The Five Points of Calvinism, and A Summary of Christian Doctrine. Materials available for purchase at the first class.

Total Life Stewardship: 5 Stages of Success
Room: FH 215    Leader: Kristen & Jeff Janson
Dates: Feb. 20 - March 27
What does it take to honor God in every area of life? This highly-practical study — perfect for individuals, couples, families, or small groups — shows you how, offering biblical insights and practical wisdom to guide you step-by-step toward a life of eternal success. Purchase workbook for $8.00, which can be paid the night of the first class. 

Our Vision
A loving family, dependent on the Holy Spirit, committed to the Word, growing in grace, reaching out in mercy.

Our Mission
We will develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world.

A member of the Presbyterian Church In America

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