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Small Groups [In the Community]

The Small Group Ministry at Covenant is designed to provide an opportunity to belong to a small loving family as part of the larger church family.  It is a community that is small enough to develop deep personal relationships with others while encouraging each other to grow in our own personal relationship with Christ.  With the Bible as our foundation, we learn how to apply God’s Word to our daily lives, we help each other grow closer to our Lord, and we diligently pray for one another.

Meeting Schedule

Covenant small groups normally meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in homes.  Several meet throughout the year, and we also have many seasonal groups to accommodate our annual visitors.  Anyone interested in participating in one of our Covenant home small groups should contact Carl Massa at or call the church office at 239.597.3464.  


Our Vision
A loving family, dependent on the Holy Spirit, committed to the Word, growing in grace, reaching out in mercy.

Our Mission
We will develop and deploy fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to disciple our family, community, and world.

A member of the Presbyterian Church In America

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